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Most Commonly Asked Rental Questions

  • Where do I return my rentals?

  • You can return your rental books to any outdoor rental return box, available 24/7. Outdoor rental drop boxes are located at each Madison College location. You can also return them via Fedex, UPS or USPS. They must arrive to the College by the due date to not be considered late. Please address the package to Madison College Rental Returns, 1701 Wright St. Madison, WI 53704. If you ordered your rental books via the Bookstore's website you can use the pre-paid rental return label to send your books back via Fedex. Please follow the Fedex instructions that were provided with your order.
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  • I need my books for next semester, what do I do?

  • Please email [email protected] to request a renewal. Include your student ID number and the serial number of each book. The serial number can be found on the white rental sticker located on the back of the book or the spine. The number begins with 1 followed by zeros and then more numbers (Example: 100000000012345). Staff will confirm the renewal request via email once it has been approved.
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  • What happens if I return my rental textbook after the due date?

  • Books are returnable during the late fee period. The late fee period begins the day after the rental due date and continues for 10 days. The late fee is $20 per textbook. Any textbook kept after the late fee period will be billed to that student's account at full replacement value. You have 90 days from the due date to return your textbook(s) and have the non-returned fee removed. The late fee will remain.
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  • Can I purchase my rental textbook?

  • Students can purchase their rental textbooks at the retail price if they prefer, but this does not exempt them from paying the textbook rental program fee. Email [email protected] to request rental purchase. The purchase price varies per title. The purchase charge will be added to your student account.
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  • What are rental charges on my student account?

  • You may see three types of rental charges on your student account. The charge you will see when you register for a degree credit course is the rental program charge. This charge is $7 per degree credit and allows you to rent the majority of required course materials for your courses. The second charge type that you may see at the end of the semester is rental late fee. This is a $20 per title fee charged to your student account for course materials not returned by the due date. The third charge type that you may see at the end of the semester is rental non-returned fee. This fee is for the replacement cost of the course material not returned back to the bookstore. Rental books can be returned up to 90 days from the due date to have the non-return charge reversed from your student account.
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  • There is damage to my rental book, what do I do?

  • If the damage is caused while in the student's possession, they are responsible for paying for the damages as determined by the Textbook Rental Program. If the student receives a textbook that is falling apart or damaged, please contact the Textbook Rental Program via email ([email protected]). The Textbook Rental Program will arrange for the student to receive a replacement copy.
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