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About Madison College Bookstore

Student infront Bookstore The Madison College Bookstore proudly serves the students and faculty of the Madison Area Technical College and the District. Our bookstore offers a great selection of new, used and rental textbooks, clothing, auto parts, art and school supplies for students and faculty. Students can shop for their textbooks and supplies online or in the Madison College Bookstore. Store profits support the college to benefit our students and our community. 

The Bookstore also operates the student-funded textbook rental program. The textbook rental program is entirely fee-funded. It is not designed to make a profit, and any excess revenue is returned to students in the form of reduced or flat fees in future years.



We are located inside the Truax Building (room # C1448)
Madison College Truax Bookstore
1701 Wright Street
Madison, WI 53704

Phone number: (608) 246-6016
Fax number: (608) 246-6067
Email: [email protected]

Payment Methods Accepted

Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express, Madison College Bookstore gift cards and certificates, personal checks and cash.

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