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Frequently Asked Questions

You can sign in to your account via the log in option. Then go to track orders and view your most recent order. Check the status column.
If you receive an incorrect, damaged, or defective item or the wrong order, please contact the Madison College Bookstore Customer Service via email at [email protected] or via phone at 608-246-6016. We will work with you to resolve the problem as soon as possible.
If you don’t see a tracking number listed, then your order has not shipped yet. If you wish to check on the status of your order, please contact the Madison College Bookstore Customer Service at [email protected]. Please include your order number in the email.
Beginning in Summer 2019, students taking degree credit classes pay a supplemental fee to rent most of their textbooks through the Madison College Bookstore. This program allows students to access their books for much less than purchasing them. The books must be returned to the Madison College Bookstore or a return dropbox by the due date.
No. The Madison College Bookstore is an auxiliary operation of the college. That means we are responsible for providing goods and services to the college and community and are financed through sales, like any other retail store (like Old Navy or Target). The Textbook Rental Program is funded through student fees. Those fees cover the cost of operating the program (such as staff time) and the cost of the actual course materials (such as textbooks). The rental fee is adjusted based on the needs of the program. It is not designed to generate any more money than is needed to keep the program running. The Textbook Rental Program was started by an initial investment by the college of $4.0 million to purchase the initial textbooks.
The supplemental fee will be $7 per degree credit. For example: if you are taking six (6) credits, you will pay $42 for a supplemental fee. If you are taking 18 credits, you will pay $126 for a supplemental fee.
Yes, if you are eligible for the financial aid book-charge and it is within the eligible dates, you can still use those funds to cover the course materials outside of the rental program.

Are regional students included in the rental program?

Yes. All students’ textbooks are included in the rental program, as long as the students are enrolled in degree- credit classes. Students taking courses at any campus or those taking classes online can order their textbooks on the Madison College Bookstore website and choose to have their books shipped to their address or a regional location. Shipping charges apply to orders shipped to personal addresses. There is no shipping charge if you choose to have your order sent to another Madison College location.
Yes, you can do minimal amounts of highlighting and writing in your rental textbook. However, the book has to be returned in a rentable condition, so please be considerate of future students by minimizing your writing and highlighting. If the textbook is returned in non-rentable condition, you will be charged the replacement cost of the book.
No, you do not need to secure rental textbooks with a credit card. We require your OneCard or a picture ID and your student ID number. If you do not return your rental books, we will charge your student account for the replacement cost of the textbooks.
If the Bookstore runs short on required textbooks, we will purchase more as quickly as possible. Be aware that this process does take several days. We recommend that students pick up their books before the start of the semester.
If a student returns a textbook with damages, they are responsible for paying for the damages as determined by the Textbook Rental Program.
If a student loses their rental textbook, they are responsible for paying the replacement cost for that textbook. All books can be tied back to the person who rented them. If you find a rental book, please return it to the Madison College Bookstore, so we can check it in or return it to the right person.
All rental textbooks need to be returned to the Madison College Bookstore or a rental dropbox within seven (7) business days from the last day of classes. The specific date will be posted on the rental program website and the bookstore website each semester. It will also be printed on your receipt.
Textbooks are returnable during the late fee period. The late fee return period begins the day after the rental due date and continues for eight (8) business days. The late fee is $20 per textbook. If you do not return the textbook by the late period, your student account will be charged at full replacement value (as determined by the Bookstore). Textbooks cannot be returned after the late period. A hold will be put on your account, preventing registration until you pay for the cost of the textbook.
Students can purchase their rental textbooks at the retail price if they prefer, but this does not exempt them from paying the textbook rental program fee. We offer options for purchasing rental textbooks at the end of the semester. Pricing depends on the book and the book condition and may be less than buying it at the start of the term.
The college offers an opt-out at a program level. The program must complete the opt-out form, which will be sent to the Textbook Affordability Committee for final approval. A program cannot opt-out if students are required to take courses outside of the program unless it can be documented that the program would be financially-detrimental to students. The department chair or program directors must complete the form, and it needs to be signed by the Dean of the program’s school. Opt-outs are due by January 1 for the upcoming academic year.
Students can opt-out of the textbook rental program. Selecting to opt-out means that the student is opting out of the textbook rental program for all programs they are active in for the entirety of these program(s). Students cannot opt-in and out each semester. Students who wish to opt-out of the Textbook Rental Program must complete the student opt-out form. The form can be requested by contacting the Madison College Bookstore either in person or via email [email protected].
No, there will be some course materials, such as workbooks, lab manuals, novels, kits, and access codes that will need to be purchased.
When looking at the course material, there is always a usage term attached to every course material adopted. The usage terms are as follows:
Rental Required – These materials are part of the rental program at no additional cost to the student.
Required – These materials are not part of the rental program but are required for the class. The price listed is the price the student would pay to purchase the material from the Madison College Bookstore.
Optional – These materials are not part of the rental program. They are optional for the course. The price listed is the price the student would pay to purchase the material from the Madison College Bookstore.
Access codes are included in the rental program on a case-by-case basis. In some instances, Madison College may negotiate a low enough price that the access codes will either be included in the rental fee or sold separately for a lower cost than the retail price. However, access codes are often considered one-time use materials and will require purchase instead of a rental. The Madison College Bookstore will do its best to negotiate the lowest possible price, whether the code is a rental or purchase item. Faculty have the option to include access codes in their required course materials.
No, the per-credit fee will not be waived for a class that does not require a textbook. The structure of the system requires that even if a student has a class without a book, they still pay the rental fee. Most classes have required textbooks that will be in the rental program. The also fees support the purchases of all the rental materials students may use throughout the time they are in their program at Madison College.
No, it does not matter if the book is new or used. The per credit charge is still $7.
Textbook Ordering
The Truax Bookstore is a counter service bookstore, so you just need to let us know which books you need, and we get them for you! To help speed up the process, you can bring your textbook list or student ID with you. You can find the list by following these steps: student center - weekly schedule-list view-select the term-continue-view textbook summary.
Textbooks can be rented/purchased at either the Madison College Bookstore website ( or at the Truax Bookstore (1701 Wright Street Madison, WI 53704). You will need your student ID or student ID number and picture ID.
If you order your textbooks on the Madison College Bookstore website, you can get them shipped to your home or campus of choice.
The best time to rent or purchase your textbooks is during the 2 to 3 weeks before classes start. Doing so allows you to have your textbooks at the start of class.
Look for your department name (ex: Accounting would be ACCTG
Next look for your course number (last 3 digits of the long 8 digit number that comes after your department name)
Locate your 5 digit class number (typically located under your department and course information)
You cannot use the Madison College mobile app; you must go to a web browser platform.
2. Current students
3. MyMadisonCollege
4. Scroll down to “log into new portal”
5. Classes
6. Textbooks
7. Purchase/Rent Textbooks
8. Select term and degree
9. Continue
10. Click purchase/rent textbooks (above class schedule filter options)
11. You will be redirected to the Bookstore website
12. Add the books you would like to rent or purchase to your cart by selecting which option you want (New, Used, Rental-when available)
13. Click add to cart button
14. Repeat steps 13 and 14 for all of your books that you need
15. Continue to your cart
16. Follow the checkout prompts
We carry new and used textbooks. We try to offer and stock as many used textbooks as possible. Some textbooks do not come used, such as when it is a new edition, a workbook, access codes, or teacher requests.
Yes, if you have been awarded the financial aid book charge, then at checkout, select financial aid as your tender. Please make sure that you are logging in with your Madison College user name and password and include your student ID number. If you are picking up your textbook in-store, please make sure you bring your Student ID.
Be sure to allow pop-ups on the eBooks site. Most browsers have a pop-up blocker notification on the right-hand portion of the address bar. You will be able to access the book once you’ve allowed the pop-up window for the ebook site.
You cannot be charged twice for the same order on the website. What you are seeing is the “approval,” which will usually disappear within 24 hours, and is not a charge.
A credit card is required for all orders. When an order is placed, we do not collect payment until we ship the order. However, the charge may show as “pending” on your debit/credit card. When your order is shipped, our system will apply the gift card first. If that covers the total amount of the order, your credit/debit card will not be charged. If the gift card covers a portion of the order, your credit/debit card will be charged the difference.
The fourth textbook is probably on backorder. As soon as some copies arrive, you will be charged for it, and you will receive an email notification.
Full refunds on textbooks can be obtained within 10 business days (weekends not included) from the date of purchase or the first day of class if the following conditions are met:
1. A receipt is required (if purchased online this is the packing list that came with the book(s))
2. Items must be in original purchase condition (clean, no marks/writing or damage)
3. Software, CD’s, access codes and electronic merchandise must remain unopened
4. Shrink-wrapped or packaged items must include all components
5. All qualifying refunds will be issued with the same type of tender that was used for the purchase
You can return to one of the Madison College locations (Truax, South, Fort Atkinson, Watertown, Portage, or Reedsburg), or you can return via the mail. Please make sure the package is addressed to:
Madison College Truax Bookstore
1701 Wright St
Madison, WI 53704
You can choose to either have the books shipped to you or to pick them up at the store. You will be asked to either pick up in-store or ship to your home. Once you choose which option, you will have different delivery prompts. If choosing to pick up in-store, you will have a drop-down box on the checkout screen listing all of the potential locations. Please select one. If you choose the Truax campus this is a pre-order location. The order will not be processed until you come to the Truax Bookstore front counter. If you choose to have your books shipped to your house, you will be given a drop-down option on the checkout screen for which delivery method you prefer.
Order fulfillment time varies depending on the availability of texts and the number of orders. You will receive an email when the order is ready. Please follow the instructions in that email regarding pick up.
We will hold your order for 15 business days (Monday-Friday) from the date of the order.
The price shown is an estimate, not the price you will be charged. We try to respect your used/new preference as best we can, but we cannot guarantee new or used. You will be charged after we pick the textbooks for the amount of used/new books we were able to get for you. This total will be listed on your shipping confirmation email.
Customer error means we found a mistake on your order. Most likely, you accidentally ordered two of the same textbooks. Therefore, we canceled one copy on order for you.
Yes, full refunds can be obtained within 10 business days (weekends not included) from the date of purchase or the first day of class if the following conditions are met:
• A receipt is required for every return (if purchased online, you should use the packing list that came with the book(s). You may have also had a mobile receipt that was emailed to you. You may pull up the email on your phone or computer.
• Items must be returned in original purchase condition (clean, no marks/writing or damage) within return deadline
• Software, CD’s, access codes, and electronic merchandise must remain intact and unopened
• Defective items will be examined and refunded if deemed damaged
• Shrink-wrapped or packaged items must be returned with all components
• All qualifying refunds will be issued with the same type of tender that was used for the purchase
• Clothing tags must still be intact
• Clearance items are nonreturnable
• Refunds can be completed at any Madison College campus within the return period.
• Online orders of textbooks and merchandise not picked up after 15 business days (Monday-Friday) from the date of the order will be charged a 25% restocking fee.
Online returns follow the criteria above, along with an original paper receipt showing the items, and payment must be included in the return package.
Returns can be addressed to:
Madison College Truax Bookstore
Attn: Returns
1701 Wright St
Madison, WI 53704
UPS Ground
Flat Rate of $7.00 for fall starting September 10th, 2022

UPS Ground with Signature
Flat Rate of $10.00
$10.00 maximum per order

UPS International
Flat Rate of $40.00
$40.00 maximum cost
The Bookstore ships all orders via UPS.
Typical order delivery time is 2-3 business days from the time the order is packed.
Your order will be processed upon your arrival to the Truax Bookstore. You will be asked for your order number or student ID when you arrive at the front counter. Your order is not fulfilled until you request it in person. Please check the Bookstore's homepage for current hours of operation.
Madison locations: 48 hours from the time you receive the pickup confirmation email (following regular business hours)
Regional locations: 72 hours for the time you receive the pick up confirmations email (following regular business hours).
Financial Aid
Financial Aid is awarded from federal, state, and private sources that can be used to pay for college costs. The awards can include grants, scholarships, loans, and any other type of financial help you receive to pay for college.
Yes. Financial Aid may be used for online orders. Please make sure the appropriate type of payment (financial aid) at checkout. You will also need to agree to the financial aid terms and enter your student ID number. Unfortunately, if you do not have sufficient funds in your Bookstore account, your online order will not process.
Once you have received a message called “Eligibility Sent to Bookstore” and it is within the eligible dates, you can charge your textbooks in one of the ways listed below at the Madison College Bookstore. After you charge your books, the charges will be added to your balance due on your Student Account.
• Online - Order your textbooks online. If you order textbooks online, you can have them shipped directly to you or pick them up at any Madison College location. Be sure to select Financial Aid for your Payment Type and enter your student ID number for the Account Number.
• In-Person - You can go to the Madison College Bookstore with your student ID (OneCard).
The following must all be true to qualify for the Book Charge Program.
• I completed the application process for financial aid.
• I received an Award Notification (see application process step 6) and have accepted all the funding I wish to receive.
• I am admitted into a financial aid eligible program of study.
• I am enrolled in at least six financial aid eligible credits.
• I am meeting satisfactory academic progress requirements or have been reinstated.
• I have completed the Master Promissory Note and Entrance Counseling at You only need to do this if you have accepted Direct Loans on your award.
• My award amount will cover all of my tuition, fees and the amount of the bookstore charges.
• There are not any financial aid items in my myMadisonCollege To Do List.
• I do not have any holds on my account that indicate I owe a balance to Madison College. Holds may include those for book rentals, library, auto parts, and tuition.
You can buy textbooks, supplies, reference material, backpacks, and clothing.
Unfortunately, if you have not been approved for the book charge, you will not be able to purchase using it at this time. However, if you need any rental textbooks, you would be able to rent books right away.
Yes, as long as you have the receipt for the item you are returning, proper identification and the return is within the return dates. The return policy can be found on the back of your receipt or online at the Return Policy page. If the item meets the return criteria, a credit will be applied to your MadisonCollege account. Textbooks cannot be returned for cash.
Loyalty Program
The Madison College Loyalty program is our way of rewarding our loyal customers. You can earn points online or in-store.
In most cases, your points will be posted within 14 business days from your purchase, due to the return policy.
To see your current point balance, log in at Your point balance and a history of purchases are shown under the link “View Loyalty Account Information.”
If you notice a purchase not recorded in your Loyalty account, we can add your points to your account manually. Please bring the receipt or proof of purchase. Please contact us at [email protected] to start this process
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