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Buyback for the current semester is closed in-store until further notice. 


The textbook buyback program allows students to sell unwanted textbooks at the end of each semester. The Madison College Bookstore offers in-store textbook buyback every fall and spring semester during the final exam week. We find this timing provides students the best prices for their used books. Students can also sell back their books online through a national vendor.

Curious about what your textbooks are currently worth?


Selling your books back in-store
Selling your books back online


Textbook Buyback FAQs- Buyback for the current semester is closed in-store until further notice.
Your student ID (One Card)
No, you do not need a receipt to sell your textbooks back.
Book value (up to 50% of the new book price) is based on the following.
1. Is the textbook being used again?
2. Condition of the textbook
3. Are all of the components with the textbook?
4. How many do we need of that title?
5. Is it a new/current edition?
Enter the 13 digit ISBN (found above the barcode on the back cover) for each book into the in-store buyback search.
The Madison College Bookstore has partnered with MBS Textbook Exchange to offer online buyback, please visit online buyback page.
Please understand that the prices offered in store and at our end of term buybacks are often higher than those offered through our online buyback service. However, if you choose not to travel to the Bookstore or wait for the end of the semester, buyback the online service may be an excellent option for you.
Buyback is currently offered at the Truax campus only.
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