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Textbook Rental Program Frequently Asked Questions

General Rental Program Questions

Beginning in Summer 2019, students taking degree credit classes pay a supplemental fee to rent most of their textbooks through the Madison College Bookstore. This program allows students to access their books for much less than purchasing them. The books must be returned to the Madison College Bookstore or a return dropbox by the due date.
No. The Madison College Bookstore is an auxiliary operation of the college. That means we are responsible for providing goods and services to the college and community and are financed through sales, like any other retail store (like Old Navy or Target). The Textbook Rental Program is funded through student fees. Those fees cover the cost of operating the program (such as staff time) and the cost of the actual course materials (such as textbooks). The rental fee is adjusted based on the needs of the program. It is not designed to generate any more money than is needed to keep the program running. The Textbook Rental Program was started by an initial investment by the college of $4.0 million to purchase the initial textbooks.
The supplemental fee will be $7 per degree credit. For example: if you are taking six (6) credits, you will pay $42 for a supplemental fee. If you are taking 18 credits, you will pay $126 for a supplemental fee.
Yes, if you are eligible for the financial aid book-charge you can still use those funds to cover the course materials outside of the rental program.
Regardless of the location of the student’s class, the textbooks are included in the rental program as long as they are enrolled in degree credit classes. Students based at regional campuses or those taking classes online can order their textbooks on the Madison College Bookstore website and choose to have their textbooks shipped to their address or a regional location. Shipping charges apply to orders shipped to personal addresses. There is no shipping charge if an order is sent to another Madison College location.
Yes, you can do minimal amounts of highlighting and writing in your rental textbook. However, the textbook has to be returned in a condition that is rentable, so please be considerate of future students by minimizing your writing and highlighting. If the textbook is returned in non-rentable condition, you will be charged the replacement cost of the textbook.
No, you do not need to secure rental textbooks with a credit card. We just require your OneCard or a picture ID and your student ID. If you do not return your rental textbooks your student account will be charged for the replacement cost of the textbooks.
If the bookstore runs short on required textbooks, more will be purchased as quickly as possible. Be aware that this process does take several days. Students are advised to pick up their textbooks prior to the start of the semester.

Lost or Damaged Questions

If a student returns a textbook with damages, they are responsible for paying for the damages as determined by the Textbook Rental Program.
If a student receives a textbook that is falling apart or has damage please contact the Textbook Rental Program [email protected].
The Textbook Rental Program will arrange for the student to receive a replacement book.
If a student loses their rental textbook, they are responsible for paying the replacement cost for that textbook. All textbooks can be tied back to the person who rented them. If you find a rental textbook, please return it to the Madison College Bookstore, so we can check it in or return it to the right person.

Rental Return Questions

All rental textbooks need to be returned to the bookstore or a rental drop box within seven (7) days from the last day of classes. The specific date will be posted on the rental program website and the bookstore website each semester. It will also be printed on your receipt.
Books are returnable during the late fee period. The late fee return period begins the day after the rental due date and continues for 10 days. The late fee is $20 per textbook. Any textbook kept after the late fee period will be billed to that student’s account at full replacement value as determined by the bookstore and will no longer be accepted. A hold will be put on the student’s account preventing registration.
Students can purchase their rental textbooks at the retail price if they prefer, but this does not exempt them from paying the textbook rental program fee. Options are available for purchasing of rental textbooks at the end of the semester. Pricing is dependent upon title and may be less than purchasing it at the start of the term.

Opt Out Questions

The college offers an opt out at a program level. The program must complete the opt out form which will be sent to the Textbook Affordability Committee for final approval. A program cannot opt out if students are required to take courses outside of the program, unless it can be documented that the program would be financially-detrimental to students. The department chair or program Updated 8/21/2019 3 director must complete the form and it needs to be signed by the Dean of the program’s school. Opt outs are due by January 1 for the upcoming academic year.
Students can opt out of the textbook rental program. Selecting to opt out means that the student is opting out of the textbook rental program for all programs they are active in for the entirety of these program(s). Students cannot opt in and out each semester. Students who wish to opt out of the Textbook Rental Program must complete the student opt out form. The form can be requested by contacting the Madison College Bookstore either in person or via email [email protected].

Course Materials Questions

No, there will be some course materials, such as workbooks, lab manuals, novels, kits and access codes that will need to be purchased.
When looking at the course material there is always a usage term attached to every course material adopted. The usage terms are as follows:
• Rental Required – These materials are part of the rental program at no additional cost to the student.
• Required – These materials are not part of the rental program, but are required for the class. The price listed is the price the student would pay to purchase the material from the bookstore.
• Optional – These materials are not part of the rental program. They are optional for the course. The price listed is the price the student would pay to purchase the material from the bookstore.
Whether access codes are included in the fee will be handled on a case-by-case basis. In some instances, the college may negotiate a low enough price that the access codes will either be included in the rental fee or sold separately for a lower cost than the retail price. However, access codes are often considered one-time use materials, which will require purchase instead of rental. The Madison College Bookstore will do its best to negotiate the lowest possible price, whether the code is a rental or purchase item. Faculty have the option of to include access codes in their required course materials.
No, the per credit fee will not be waived for a class that does not require a textbook. The structure of the system requires that even if a student has a class without a textbook, they still pay the rental fee. Most classes have required textbooks that will be in the rental program and the fees support the purchases of all the rental materials students may use throughout the time they are in their program at Madison College.
No, with this rental program it does not matter if the book is new or used it is still $7 per credit.
A VitalSource access code is a code you redeem in Bookshelf to access your materials. You can find the link to your VitalSource access code on your receipt from the Bookstore.
The code is a 20-digit alphanumeric code. If your code isn't alphanumeric or has less than 20 characters, it will be a Publisher access code from another vendor. Please contact the Bookstore or your instructor if you run into problems logging into your account.
You will find your code at the bottom of your receipt. You will find the link to your VitalSource access code and the instructions to activate your content. If you can't find your VitalSource access code on your receipt, contact VitalSource Support and attach a copy of your receipt showing all the information.
Please use these directions to access your code

Multiple Semester Usage Questions

Yes, at any point during the semester, you can purchase your rental textbooks at retail price. Doing so does not exempt you from the rental fee. Please contact the Textbook Rental Program at [email protected]..
Yes, there is a way to keep using the same textbook if you continue to be enrolled in certain programs or classes that use the same textbook. Please contact the Textbook Rental Program at [email protected] or fill out the renewal form online. If you are interested in keeping the textbook beyond the end of your program enrollment, you can purchase the textbook. Pricing is dependent upon title but is often less than the retail price.
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