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Most Commonly Asked Ordering Questions

  • What is the status of my online order?

  • Go go and click "Login" in the upper right hand corner. Go to track orders and click on your most recent order. Check the status column to view the status of your order. New= your order has been received; Picking= your order is currently being pulled; Packed= your order has been processed and is en route, Cancelled= your order was cancelled due to one of the various reasons.
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  • My order is not going through?

  • Please verify that the card you are using (credit, debit or OneCard) has enough funds to cover the order. Verify that your billing address via the website matches your credit card billing address. If you are still having issues try a different web browser (Firefox, Edge, Safari).
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  • How do I find my tracking number for Fedex?

  • Check the email account that was used for your online order. Fedex will send a separate email with the tracking number once your order has been picked up by Fedex.
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  • What do I do if I am missing an item?

  • First, check your picking list to see if there are any notes regarding the item. The notes you could see are the following: CNL=cancelled item due to product not being available from vendor; BO=item is backordered and will be sent to selected pickup location or home address once the item is back in stock; DUP=textbook was removed from order because it was ordered more than one time; only one copy is required for your course. Item availability depends upon vendor and shipping times.
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  • What does order cancelled mean?

  • You order was cancelled due to one of the following reasons: insufficient funding, item(s) are no longer available via the vendor, duplicate order.
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  • How do I change my order?

  • Login via the bookstore website, click on track orders and find your current order. Go to track orders and click on your most recent order. As long as the order is in a New status you can remove items or cancel the entire order. If it is no longer in a New status, reach out the bookstore via email ([email protected]).
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  • When can I order my books?

  • Books typically become available to be ordered online for fall and spring semesters 6 weeks prior to the start of the semester. For summer semester, books will be available 3 weeks prior to the start of the semester.
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  • The course material I need shows out of stock online, what do I do?

  • We are receiving new materials daily. Please continue to check the items availability online. Once the item has been received you will be able to order the item online.
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  • When will I receive my order?

  • Order availability depends on pickup or shipping location. If you selected to have your order sent to another Madison College campus location, please allow 3 business days from the time you receive the "order has been processed" email. If you selected Fedex please check your email for a tracking number and shipping updates from Fedex. For Pre-Order and Pick up at Traux, once you receive the "order confirmation" email with your order number, you can come into the Traux Bookstore with a photo ID during open hours to pick up your order. Your order will not be processed until you arrive in-store.
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