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Textbook Rental Program

The Madison College Bookstore is proud to administer the student-approved and student-funded textbook rental program. The rental program is designed to lessen the cost of textbooks, which reduces the financial burden on students. The program also provides access to textbooks before the first day of classes, contributing to student success. 

A per credit charge funds the textbook rental service for all degree credit and developmental education students. The per credit charge is currently $7 per credit. This fee allows all participating students to rent the majority of their required textbooks for no additional cost. The Textbook Rental 
program saves students thousands of dollars on their course materials.

The rental program does not include items that are one-time use (such as workbooks, lab manuals, most access codes) or most books under $20.00. These items need to be purchased in addition to the rental fee.


For more information regarding the rental program watch this short 5 minute video. 


Facts about the Rental Program


How do I check out rental textbooks in-store?

Bring your student ID card. If you do not have one, bring your student ID number and picture ID to the counter.
An associate will retrieve your textbooks and check them out to you.


How do I check out rental textbooks online?

  1. Find your books either via your student center or class schedule-list view (see textbook ordering instructions)
  2. Select the Rent $0.00 option
  3. Click add to cart
  4. Repeat for any rental required books needed for your courses
  5. Continue to checkout
  6. Complete checkout


How to return my rental textbooks?

Return rental textbooks by the due date. All rented textbooks need to be returned to the bookstore within seven days of the last day of class. 
Return to any Madison College drop box location (free)




Return textbooks via USPS media mail (lowest cost option) or use your FedEx return label (if you ordered online).
Madison College Truax Bookstore
1701 Wright St
Madison WI 53704
Visit the Textbook Rental FAQ page for more information


Not sure what books you need to return? Watch this video to see what books are attached to your account here 

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