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Spring 2021 Updates


Classes started this week, so we wanted to share some updates in case you have not ordered books yet. 

Textbook Ordering

All purchases from the Bookstore will be online only to support our students’ and staffs’ safety. Please plan for your order to take 3 to 5 business days to be processed by our Bookstore staff to either be shipped or ready for curbside pickup. Many orders will be coming in during the first couple of weeks of class, so please be patient with us and plan to order as early as possible. If you’re unsure how to order online, please follow this link to instructions on our website. 

After you place your order, you will get an email informing you that we have received it. You will get a second email when your order is ready, which will let you know that your order has either been shipped or is ready for pickup. You can look up your order’s status by logging into your account then going to track orders. You can look at the status of your most recent order from there.

Textbook Rentals for Fall 2020

Textbook Rentals for Fall 2020 were due January 5th. If you did not turn in your books by January 15th (extension with a $20 per book late fee), you will not be able to return books and will be charged the full replacement value on your student account. If you have any additional questions regarding returns, please reach out to the Bookstore at [email protected].

Financial Aid

Financial Aid book charge opened on January 11th and will go through January 29th. If you have questions about Financial Aid, please look at our Spring 2021 FAQ or reach out to Financial Aid at [email protected].

Truax Curbside Appointment Issues

We wanted to take a moment to acknowledge that we have had some technical issues with our Truax Curbside Pickup application in the last week. We apologize for any inconvenience it may have caused and want to let you know that we have been working very hard to develop a solution. We have switched sign up applications, and so far, it has been working well. We will keep students updated if there are any other changes.

As always, please reach out to The Bookstore if there is anything we can help with, at [email protected] or 608.246.6016.

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