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Student Textbook Rental Policies and Procedures

Each semester, Madison College degree credit students pay a textbook rental supplemental fee in addition to their tuition and other fees. This fee allows Madison College students to rent most of their required textbooks at no additional cost. Certain class materials such as one-time use items are not part of the rental program and require payment at the time of purchase. To ensure the program’s success the College has established several policies and student responsibilities.

It is the student’s responsibility to either order their textbooks online or in person for the classes that they have enrolled in.


Textbook Checkout 

Students need to show their OneCard in order to checkout their rental textbooks. If you do not have a OneCard, another form of photo identification and your student ID number need to be provided at the time of rental. All rental textbooks are linked to the student’s account.

If the bookstore runs short on required textbooks, the bookstore will obtain additional copies. Be aware that this process does take several days. To ensure you have your textbook in a timely fashion, students should pick up their textbooks prior to the start of the semester.

Students should keep either their emailed or paper receipt to speed up resolution of any issues. Students may only check out textbooks for classes that have a status of Enrolled.


Lost or Damaged Rental Textbooks

The bookstore checks the condition of the rental textbooks. Students may be charged for damages to textbooks assigned to their account, including excessive highlighting, torn pages, binding problems, water damage, or other damage. If a student receives a textbook that has damage, they should alert the bookstore via email ([email protected]) immediately to avoid having the damage charged to their account.

If a student loses their rental textbook, they are responsible for paying the full replacement value as determined by the bookstore.

If a student damages their rental textbook, they are responsible for paying to repair the damages as determined by the bookstore.


Textbook Checkout Online

To checkout textbooks online, students will be required to:
• authenticate using their Madison College credentials.
• enter their student ID number at the time of checkout.

Textbooks can be shipped to a student for a shipping fee of $10. Payment for shipping is required at checkout. See the bookstore’s shipping information page for more details.


Multiple Semester Usage

Students who need to rent the same textbook for the next semester may contact the bookstore via email ([email protected]) or in person before the end of the semester to “renew” their books. Renewing books will only be allowed for classes that have a status of Enrolled. The student will need to provide their student ID number, textbook serial number, and ISBN of the textbook. The bookstore staff will extend the rental of that textbook into the subsequent term.


Purchasing of Rental Textbooks

At any point during the semester, students can purchase their rental textbooks at the retail price if they prefer to own the textbook, but doing so does not exempt them from paying the book rental fee. Students may also choose to purchase the textbook at the end of the semester. Pricing is dependent upon title, but is often less than the retail price.


Switching Classes

Students who switch classes and need a different rental textbook are responsible for returning the rental textbook that they no longer need. The student is also responsible for renting the textbook that is required for the new class.


Dropping Classes

The textbook rental program follows the tuition refund policy of Madison College.
• Students who drop a class at least 24 hours before the first day of the class, will not be
charged the textbook rental supplemental fee.
• Dropping after the class begins may generate a partial refund. Refunds can only be determined after the class is dropped and a tuition recalculation is run. The student is responsible for returning their rental textbook. If the textbook is not returned by the end of the late fee period, the student’s account will be charged the full replacement value as determined by the bookstore. A hold will be put on the student’s account.


Returning your rental textbook does not result in you being dropped from your class.


Textbook Return

The rental due date for returns will be seven business days from the last day of classes for each term. The rental due date will be provided on the rental receipt. All rental books need to be returned to the bookstore or one of the textbook rental return boxes by the rental due date specified each term.

Textbooks that are returned by mail must be postmarked by the rental due date to not be considered late. Any books returned or postmarked after the rental return date will be charged a late fee of $20 per book during the late fee period (10 days from the due date).

Any book kept by a student after the late fee period will be billed to that student’s account at full replacement value as determined by bookstore. A hold will be put on the student’s account.


Use of Textbook Rental Return Box

Outdoor Textbook rental return boxes are located at each Madison College campus locations and are available 24/7 with the exception of campus closures. See the rental page on the bookstore’s web page for more information on specific locations.

If a student drops their book into the return box during the late fee return period, a $20 late fee (per book) will be placed on their student account.

Any book kept by a student after the late fee period will be billed to that student’s account at full replacement value as determined by bookstore. A hold will be put on the student's account.


Return Extensions

If a student has received an incomplete or an extension from their instructor, bookstore staff can grant a textbook rental extension. This requires the student to submit written documentation from the instructor to the bookstore.


Opt Out 

There are processes for students and programs to opt out of the textbook rental supplemental fee. Students who opt out of the fee are responsible for purchasing the required textbooks for all their classes at Madison College for the duration of the time they are enrolled in their program. Once a student opts out of the textbook rental supplemental fee, they cannot opt back in unless they change programs. Students who wish to opt-out of the Textbook Rental Program must complete the form by August 1st for fall school terms, December 16th for spring school terms and May 1st for summer school terms or within one week of enrollment if enrolling after the school term date. Once a student has received a benefit from the textbook rental program, they may not opt out of the program unless they change programs. For more information on the opt-out process, please contact the bookstore via email ([email protected]).



Please note that any outstanding balances for fees or textbook rental replacement costs assessed after the late fee return period is over will follow the College’s normal collection processes. Outstanding balances will be sent to the collection agency if not paid timely.

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