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Textbook Rental Program 



Per the recent referendum that was overwhelmingly passed by the student body, Madison College will be implementing a full textbook rental program beginning with the summer 2019 semester!  

All degree credit students and developing education students will be charged $7.00/credit as a supplemental fee added to their tuition bill.  The goal of the rental program is to remove the financial barrier that the cost of textbooks has become. Rental also aims to provide DAY 1 access to textbooks, contributing to student success. This program will provide most core textbooks to students at no additional charge.  Exceptions will be Items that are one-time use, such as workbooks, lab manuals, most access codes, and most books under $20.00. These items still need to be purchased in addition to the rental fee. 



Summer Rental Due Date:  

August 30, 2019


Need to re-check out your summer rental book???

Rental renewals will only be granted if you are enrolled in a course using that book during the upcoming semester. 

There will be a new rental return date for the textbook. 

Click here to renew your summer rental. Please fill out the required fields and include the following in the message box: Student ID number, textbook title and textbook serial number. 


How to checkout your rental textbooks

It's up to you to rent your books for each of your classes. Visit us on campus or online to get started.

    1. Bring your One Card or another form of photo identification and your student ID number at the time of rental.
    2. All rental textbooks are linked to your account.
    3. If we run short on books, we'll obtain additional copies but that may take several days. So be sure to pick up your books before classes start.
    4. Keep a copy of your emailed or paper receipt.
    5. You may only check out books for classes that you are actively enrolled in.


 Please click here to view the student policies. 

Have additional questions? Click here to view the frequently asked questions.