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Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I find my books at the Bookstore?

The Truax Bookstore is a counter service bookstore. Books are set by Author/Title. To help speed up the process you can bring your textbook list with you. This can be found by following the following steps: student center- weekly schedule-list view-select the term-continue-view textbook summary. We are able to look up your textbook list at the textbook counter.  

Where can I purchase my textbooks?
Textbooks can be purchased at either the Bookstore's website ( or at the Truax Bookstore (1701 Wright Street Madison, WI 53704). You will need your study list with the department, course and section numbers. Your study list can be printed from within your student center.

What are the Bookstore's hours?
The Bookstore hours vary; please visit the hours and locations page under Bookstore information.

When is the best time to purchase books?
During the 2 weeks before classes start is the best time.

How do I find my books from my study list numbers (in-store or online)?
Look for your department name (ex: Accounting would be ACCTG
Next look for your course number (last 3 digits of the long 8 digit number that comes after your department name)
Locate your 5 digit class number (typically located under your department and course information)

How do I purchase my books online?
First you will need your study list, which contains your department, course and section number. Then go to the textbooks tab, order textbooks, select the term (fall, spring or summer), follow the above question steps to find your department, course and section numbers on your study list. Once you have selected this information click add course button (continue process until you have added all of your courses) then click get course materials button. All of your books that are required for your classes will appear and you can choose which ones to purchase. Select if you would like your books shipped or will be picking them up at a college location. Please visit textbooks instructions link for more information. For payment and shipping information please see our Textbook Purchasing Information page for more details.

Do you have used textbooks available?
We carry new and used textbooks. We try to offer and stock as many used textbooks as possible, however some books do not come used due to new editions, workbooks (all pages are required), access codes and teacher requests.

Can I rent my books?
Only certain books are available for rental, if your textbook is available you will be given the option to rent or purchase. All rental books are due back at the end of the semester. If you do not return the book(s) by the due date the debit/credit card you provided to rent the book(s) will be charged the FULL RETAIL PRICE of a new copy, this is in addition to the fee you pay at the time of the rental.

Can I use my financial aid online?
Yes, if you have been awarded the financial aid book charge then at checkout select financial aid as your tender. Please make sure that you are logging in with your Madison College user name and password and include your student ID number. If you are picking up your textbook in-store please make sure you bring your One Card.

Does the Bookstore ever run sales?

Yes, the bookstore runs a different sale every month. Please sign up for email alerts and like us on Facebook to find out the upcoming sales first.

Are online rentals and digital textbooks the best deal?
No, used books offer the best value. Students get upfront savings plus potential buyback return of up to 50% of the new price! Online rental prices are usually based on a 30 day rental period. That means students have to multiply that low-price by at least 4 to get the cost of the whole semester! Did you know that digital rentals are really just a way of offering students an eBook for a shorter amount of time? They usually only last for 30 days, a semester is 180.

Will ordering my books online via a third party vendor be easier and cheaper?

No, online retailers' marketplace option may seem to offer lower prices, but did you know that those third party vendors are usually allowed up to 21 business days to deliver an ordered item? There's always a risk of students not receiving their books at all when they order from online retailers. Plus, online returns can be difficult, pricey and inconvenient. The Bookstore will make sure that you have the right book for your class and get it within two business days if shipping to your house.

What happens if my instructor switches course materials or I switch classes?
By ordering from us we will make sure that you have the course materials for your class. If your instructor switches materials we will just need you to bring in your receipt and current items and we will do the exchange for the new ones. If the new items are more expensive you will have to pay the difference, if they are less you will receive the difference. The same rules apply if you switch classes. Please make sure not to open any access codes or damage any materials.

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Still have questions?
Please feel free to email the Bookstore or call us at 608-246-6016 with any further questions. We look forward to hearing from you.

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